Innovation And Technology

Today new technologies allow oil and gas companies to develop hard-to-recover oil reserves and expands their exploration and production in new regions. While increasing operating efficiency, maintaining stability, and gaining access to resources in exchange for technological competencies.

Innovative Technologies

Innovative technologies in the oil and gas industry are an essential tool for achieving strategic goals to improve technological results in the field of unconventional hydrocarbon production.


During the first stage of implementing the innovation development program by the company, significant success has been achieved both in the development of production technologies and in areas of improving management efficiency:

    • Development of a drilling support center;
    • The transition of the company refinery and chemical plant to the production of higher grades and environmentally friendly fuel classes;
    • Transition to the refinery’s catalytic catalyst cracking;
    • Development and introduction of software providing advanced exploration and production efficiency;
    • Creation of units responsible for the management of technological development.

Technological challenges and priorities in oil refining

GLOBAL INTER MUNAY, TOO achieved its strategic goal to increase oil refining to 4.6 million tons per year. The strategic priorities at present are:

  • Increasing the depth of oil refining and the yield of light petroleum products;
  • Operational Efficiency: Improving Energy Efficiency and availability, loss reduction.

In-depth light exit exploration is achieved due to the implementation of modernization programs, implementing R&D programs in the field of oil refining, including projects development innovative decisions aimed at increasing the refining margin and improving product line.

  • Technology priorities
  • Technological challenges
  • Increase production effectiveness
  • Decline in oil quality for refining.
  • Production line improvement
  • Higher market requirements for performance motor oils
  • Higher demands for road bitumen and polymer-bitumen binders, arctic diesel, unleaded aviation gasoline and needle coke.
  • Deep processing
  • The need for cost-effective heavy oil refining balances.