Gas Processing

GLOBAL INTER MUNAY, TOO processes a range of gas such as dry gas, wet gas, shale gas, stripped gas, liquefied natural gas, and marketable gas at the company’s gas processing plant located in the Eastern part of Siberia, Kazakhstan. 

General Information

 The Company’s Gas Processing Plant became part of the enterprise in 2021, freight fleet was built along with a loading rack for shipping a wide fraction of light hydrocarbons.

The gas plant’s finished products have always been in high demand on the market, not only in Kazakhstan and the CIS markets, but also beyond its borders. Over the years, liquefied gases were sent to consumers from different regions of the country and shipped for export.

Processing Of Petroleum Gas: 71.1 mm³
Processing of petroleum gas: 71.1 mm³ 71%
NGL processing: 51.0 THT
NGL processing: 51.0 THT 51%
Treatment Of Natural Gas, mcm: 15 mcm
Treatment Of Natural Gas, mcm: 15 mcm 15%
Stripped gas: 117 mcm
Stripped gas: 117 mcm 100%