About Us

About Us

We Are Leading International Company In Oil and Gas Industries

GLOBAL INTER MUNAY, TOO is an oil and natural gas refinery privately owned and controlled, founded, and was incorporated in 2011, the company is fully focused on exploration of hydrocarbon deposits, oil, and natural gas production as well as upstream, midstream, and downstream activities. 

The refinery owns a number of licenses approved by the state authorities for geological survey, exploration, and production of petroleum materials at oil and gas matured fields within the territory of the Republic Of Kazakhstan.  

High Reputation

GLOBAL INTER MUNAY, TOO has earned a reputation as a privately owned and controlled oil refinery for reliably supplying and moving energy commodities to those with the greatest demand.

Experienced Professionals

Thanks to the refinery’s coordinated personnel and agents over the years with vast experience in the regional and international marketplace and the field of petroleum distribution networks, the company is growing year-to-year.

Basic Principles

Our basic principles require constant hard work, but at the same time, allows the company to achieve its main objectives – quality customer service, competitive petroleum product prices, and reliable fuel supply, we believe these factors are crucial for our business expansion in the oil industry, under difficult economic recessions.


Revenue in 2022 (Million)


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Successfully Project


Year of experience

Continental Delivery

Petroleum supplies to the North and South Americas proved to be the most lucrative business for the company, with faster shipping times, reliable export routes. While crude oil deliveries via pipeline to China via the state-owned pipeline transit network has been much more reliable. Our shipments to the Asia Pacific grew by 45% in 2020 comparing to 35% in 2019 from these developments.
As an independent oil and gas producer and supplier, we provide the product needed for everyday-to-day life, affordably, ever-cleaner, and sustainably. We differentiated ourselves from major key players in the petroleum industry by committing to long-term business and beneficial relationships with our corporate clients, traders, and private individuals.

Production And Development Line

Oil Refining Line

Our company has many Years of experience and specializes in oil and gas manufacturing, selling, and servicing.  And has been a strategic partner of the International Association in the field of aviation fuel supply and other various kinds of oil and gas products. GLOBAL INTER MUNAY, TOO providing high-quality petroleum products service, and Increase in sales volumes up to 5.5 million tons; Expansion of the sales network.


Committed To Keep Our Excellent Track Record

Extensive experience in the implementation of international oil and gas projects, stable long-term relations with leading oil companies in Republic of Kazakhstan and the world. 

We Follow Best Practices

We always maintain a positive working environment for our staff from all departments of the company that is fair, efficacious, and beneficial.

Trust and Worth

Our Partners In Oil And Gas Productions and Supplies