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We guarantee high quality of petroleum and gas products that we supply globally, expanding our hydrocarbon deposits and exploration activities by evaluating and acquiring new licensed sites, seismic exploration, and production drilling with advanced technologies

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Production And Development

The core activity of GLOBAL INTER MUNAY, TOO is the production and development of oil and gas in unpleasing and unforgiving weather in remote regions of Kazakhstan and offshore projects.


Field seismic surveys were introduced into surveys that allow the company to procure optimal surveillance systems for projects in the Western region of Atyrau and West of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Oil Refining

The company is constantly expanding and putting in place new custom-built catalyst production facilities, developing unique Western innovative technologies.

Innovation And Technology

Innovative technologies in the oil and gas industry are an essential tool for achieving strategic goals to improve technological results in the field of unconventional.

Gas Processing

GLOBAL INTER MUNAY, TOO processes a range of gas such as dry gas, wet gas, shale gas, stripped gas, Innovation and technology, and marketable gas.

Offshore Projects

The company is officially in a position of 13 exploration licenses to operate in the Caspian Sea, Far Eastern, and Southern seas of Kazakhstan.


Committed To Keep Our Excellent Track Record

Extensive experience in the implementation of international oil and gas projects, stable long-term relations with leading oil companies in Republic of Kazakhstan and the world.

We Follow Best Practices

We always maintain a positive working environment for our staff from all departments of the company that is fair, efficacious, and beneficial

Our Guiding Principles

Active resource-base development, cutting-edge production and refining technologies, and an effective sales network have allowed to secure its place among the market leaders in Kazakhstan’s oil and gas industry, as well as playing a major role in the international oil and gas market

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Our Values, Mission and Vission

The proven hydrocarbon reserves of GLOBAL INTER MUNAY, TOO Refinery amounted to approximately 28.5 billion be (about 3.7 billion tons) based on the results of an audit conducted using the SEC classification (Securities and Exchange Commission USA), which provides for the evaluation until the end of profitable field development. The reserves of hydrocarbon liquids (oil, condensate and liquefied petroleum gas) and gas are approximately 24.7 billion barrels (3.3 billion tons and 56.8 tsf (1.6 cubic meters), respectively. The replacement of hydrocarbon reserves in 2019 amounted to 124% according to the SEC classification. Hydrocarbon (59 mmHg). According to GLOBAL INTER MUNAY, TOO Refinery, the proven hydrocarbon reserves in 2020 were sufficient for 11 years of production. According to PRMS (Petroleum Resource Management System), 1P hydrocarbon reserves as of April 30, 2020, amounted to 43 billion barrels (5.8 billion toe), including 29.8 billion barrels (4.0 billion tons) of hydrocarbon liquids (oil, condensate and liquefied natural gas). ) and 76.3 tsf (2.2 tkm) of gas; 2P reserves amounted to 76.2 billion boe (10.3 billion toe), including 53.7 billion barrels (7.2 billion tons) of hydrocarbon liquids (oil, condensate and liquefied natural gas) and 130.3 tsf (3, 7 tkm) of gas; 3P reserves amounted to 108.6 billion boe (14.7 billion tons of oil equivalent), including 79.5 billion barrels (10.7 billion tons) of hydrocarbon liquids (oil, condensate and liquefied natural gas) and 169 tons of cubic meters. A foot (4.8 tcm) of gas. Total 3P stocks rose 2.2% in 2020.

GLOBAL INTER MUNAY, TOO is the largest oil and gas company in Kazakhstan and the world’s largest holder of hydrocarbon reserves and a producer of hydrocarbon liquids among other public oil and gas companies. Adding reserves is one of the key priorities of the Company. The share of GLOBAL INTER MUNAY, TOO in oil production is about 20% in the Kazakhstan and exceeds 3% in the world. In 2020, the Company set another record for hydrocarbon production at more than 254 million tons. The company continues to stabilize production at mature fields. In 2020, the large-scale optimization of existing systems was completed in order to increase the efficiency of field production by moving from conventional directional drilling to drilling horizontal wells with multi-stage fracturing (MSF HW). This technology significantly increases well productivity, reserves recovery, reduces well stocks and increases project feasibility. MSF HW is actively used in the five consolidated fields of the Company. About 50% of the developed reserves at the aforementioned subsidiaries were launched through the use of MSF HW. The approaches and technologies used by GLOBAL INTER MUNAY, TOO in developing fields ensured its leadership in the new good startup efficiency.

In implementing the growth strategy, GLOBAL INTER MUNAY, TOO seeks to increase its shareholder value, as well as achieve the highest standards of corporate governance. The company firmly believes that these two goals are closely related. A commitment to transparent and responsible business management is extremely important to maintain investor confidence and, in the long run, to ensure maximum return on investment for all our shareholders. Being a hallmark of the most famous international corporations, effective management is an essential indicator of our success in the eyes of our foreign partners. We are convinced that good governance is beneficial to all interested parties, including customers, suppliers, partners, employees, and shareholders of our company. The management of GLOBAL INTER MUNAY, TOO Refinery will steadily continue to pay equal attention to the interests of all groups of shareholders of the Company. Transparency of financial statements is another essential element of corporate governance. GLOBAL INTER MUNAY, TOO has extensive experience in preparing quarterly, semi-annual and annual reports in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles. In the future, we intend to follow this practice. Our immediate goal for an open joint stock company to further improve our US GAAP reporting procedures is to continue to reduce the time gap between the end of the reporting period and the publication date of financial indicators for the same period. One of the most compelling evidence of the practical application of the principles of strong corporate governance is the composition of the Board of Directors and its subcommittees. The members of the Board of Directors of GLOBAL INTER MUNAY, TOO Refinery are experienced leaders who greatly respect the business community.